You get to enjoy the wedding- We get the kids!

You are planning a fabulous event and there are probably at least a few parents on the guest list. Whether the kids are invited or it’s 'adults only', we make it easy for all of your guests, and their children, to have a great time!


Our customized wedding service includes on-site space filled with games, toys and lots of fun for your smaller guests, alongside our amazing childcare and entertainment team, meaning you and your guests can relax and enjoy the day, knowing that everyone is safe and happy! We will not only make sure that the children are properly supervised, giving the grown-ups a chance to truly enjoy your party, but that they are also having a party of their own! Your little guests will enjoy the activities, games, and toys we bring to provide hours of genuine fun!  Additionally, we offer beautifully styled tents that the children will love playing in! They make a great, fun addition to any wedding!  We promise your little guests will be in seventh heaven!




In case of child-free weddings, our service is perfect for your out of town guests. Our sitters will bring entertainment to a hotel and take care of the children while the parents enjoy the wedding.  Our sitters will also be happy to put the children to sleep in the evening and care for them at night.

So go ahead and enjoy your perfect day, we've got the children covered!

Contact us about your Event!
We will be happy to discuss pricing based on the details of your wedding including the number and ages of your little guests and your wedding location.
Starting childcare fee for up to 5 hours and 5 children
$ 350/event